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'The whole thing was performed with a big, positive zing.'


Robert Thicknesse, Opera Now.


Dido had its first sell-out run on 2 floors of a Warehouse in Peckham, the Bussey Building. A revival of the show was made for Kings Place.


Stabat Mater

‘I do not think anyone could have been unmoved by this highly professional performance.’

                                     St John’s Museum


Two singers, a dancer and a string quartet create a blend of music and movement in a unique re-imagining of beautiful and unusual venues.


This production was conceived at St John's Museum of the Order in Clerkenwell and then revived, toured and re-imagined in different venues.


**** 'A delightful, atmospheric evening.'Sunday Express.


**** 'A charming production by Opera in Space.'TimeOut Critic's Choice.


*** 'Go for the fun of it.'The Times.


**** 'I loved almost every second.' Public Review.


**** 'Clever, imaginative, splendidly sung.' London Grip.

'The actors move like dancers, sing like angels and play a variety of instruments...they are our future stars.'

                                       South Wight Chronicle.


The site-responsive show has been re-staged and performed in a range of unusual and beautiful venues.



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