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We create exciting, accessible work. We want our productions to be seen by the widest possible audience. The Funded Tickets Scheme enables groups to attend our work that would otherwise not be able to.


  • We are able to offer tickets to young people, refugee groups, the homeless, ex- offenders, disadvantaged, long term unemployed and the elderly.

  • The groups who attend usually have never been taken to opera before.

  • The groups who attend would not have be able to attend were it not for the funded tickets.

  • 100% of those who attend say the experience is good or excellent.


Opera in Space would like to thank Mark Bixter, who developed our outreach programme. Thank you Mark!!


To our sponsors, thank you. This work is possible because of you.



If you would like to get involved, please 






Funded Tickets Scheme

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Our group receives no funding for these activities otherwise we couldn’t attend.


Many of my group said that they had never or rarely went to the Opera. Many of them would not have gone if it wasn’t for the tickets you gave us.

It was great to be able to offer them something as amazing as Opera tickets.

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