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Opera in Space

If you love opera, loathe opera, or have never seen an opera, you'll love Opera in Space!

Telling stories


Opera in Space was founded out of the desire to create exhilarating, fun, accessible opera. For us, it’s all about creating an experience that the audience will love and remember. Part of that is a love of telling stories, clearly and entertainingly. We use drama, puppetry, dance, projection and poetry to create a completely immersive theatrical experience. We cut and paste, mix and change, rewrite or add – but only to serve the story and to entertain the audience. If you are a purist, prepare to be challenged! If you are a novice, prepare to be enthralled!


New spaces


The final ingredient is finding new spaces or under-used locations in which to tell those stories. We aim to be site-responsive – incorporating the found space into our work. So far, we have transformed an art gallery, a castle, a Georgian town house in the centre of London, and warehouses in Peckham and Berlin. By taking opera out of the opera house, we re-imagine, and look at the work afresh.

The highest of standards

It almost goes without saying that Opera in Space use only professional musicians and singers, but it’s important to underline that our aim is not to smash or rearrange the music, but to serve these extraordinary pieces.



Opera in Space




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